Combat Fighter - Gray


The Helizone RC Combat Fighter is a 3 Channel helicopter that launches out missiles upon command. It is super easy to fly with the built in GYROSCOPE system. You can choose up to three selectable bands (frequencies) A, B, or C. In order words, you can fly up to THREE Combat Fighters at the same time! Package comes complete with fully assembled helicopter, remote control transmitter, 6 missile lauchers, bonus tail blade and USB charge cord. In addition, there is the TURBO MODE option. With the push of a button on the remote control, the helicopter will accelerate in speed! With another push of the button, you can launch the missile! Also comes with colorful military tank paper stand as target! Choose from 2 color options!


  • Built in Gyroscope for extreme stability and precision
  • Two missile launchers (left/right release buttons)
  • TURBO MODE: allows helicopter to acceleration in speed
  • Length: 220 mm, 8.66 inches
  • Width: 48 mm, 1.9 inches
  • Height: 105 mm, 4.1 inches
  • Main rotor: 180 mm, 7 inches
  • Tail rotor: 30 mm, 1 inch
  • Battery: 3.7 v li-po

Package Contents:

  • 3 CH Gyro Helizone Combat Fighter Helicopter
  • Remote Control Transmitter 3 CH
  • 6 Missiles
  • Instructions Manual
  • Bonus Tail Blade
  • Bonus USB Charge Cord
  • Colorful Military Tank paper stand